Part 6 (2009-12; Edition 2)

Technical Issue Subject Cat Status
Page Clause Paragraph Created Proposer
1656Meaning of valKind=Conf is not clear Ed2 red 100Table 46 21 May 19 B. Muschlitz
1651DTT UML SDO incorrect Ed2 blue 959.5.1Figure 23 28 Mar 19 B. Muschlitz
1648DA@count definition needs restriction Ed2 red 1269.5.4.1Table 49 04 Feb 19 B. Muschlitz
1647SDO@count definition inconsistent Ed2 red 1239.5.3Table 46 04 Feb 19 B. Muschlitz
1646valKind=Conf in DAI element Ed2 red 959.3.6Table 20 04 Feb 19 B. Muschlitz
1625Val element value coding for float Ed2 on hold 999.5.4.13 29 Mar 18 M. Zillgith
1615values for PhyConn Ptype Plug Ed3 blue 939.4.6 29 Jan 18 C. zehnder
1590RCB: Offline changes increment ConfRev by 10000? Ed3 red 76Table 23 27 Jun 17 J. Lopez Sarralde
1587Add a optional scl:srcAPRef to scl:ExtRef as a prefered AccessPoint Ntp red 869.3.139 14 Jun 17 S. Zhang
1574Minimum value for MinTime & MaxTime Ntp blue 919.4.4 15 Mar 17 T. -
1571Need attribute to define Incremental factor Ntp blue 91Section 9.4.4 01 Mar 17 T. -
1564About tAnyContentFromOtherNamespace extension Ntp blue 120 (SCL_BaseTypes.xsd) 13 Dec 16 S. Zhang
1563About scl:count (array manipulation) Ntp green 103,and other pages 09 Dec 16 S. Zhang
1562Should scl:DataTypeTemplate be a closed extension element? Ed3 green 96 09 Dec 16 S. Zhang
1561Add scl:desc to scl:FCDA Ntp green 75 09 Dec 16 S. Zhang
1560Uniquely identify ConductingEquipment Ed3 green 51 05 Dec 16 S. Zhang
1485Need to supercede Tissue 1398 to clarify SCT behavior IntOp2 blue 22 Mar 16 H. Falk
1480ConfReportControl @ max Ntp blue 64Table 11 04 Mar 16 B. Muschlitz
1472Schema does not validate existence of DA/BDA type Ed2 green 969.5.1 20 Jan 16 B. Muschlitz
1471Dis-allow empty DOType Ed2 green 128A.3tDOType 20 Jan 16 B. Muschlitz
1470Default value for operational process values. Ntp blue 1009.5.4 Data attribute (DA) definitionTable 46 – Attribute value kind (Valkind) meaning 14 Jan 16 E. Bencz
1461Dynamic datasets definition in client SCD file Ntp blue 12 Nov 15 E. Emmu
1458New ExtRef attributes for later binding Ed2 green 26 Oct 15 C. Frei
1457Multiple DOI nodes with the same name. Ed2 green 7212 22 Oct 15 F. Haji
1452Multicast vs Unicast MAC addresses cannot be specified Ntp green 13 Oct 15 B. Muschlitz
1451Services section-"client" is confusing Ed2 green 64Table 11 13 Oct 15 B. Muschlitz
1450originalSclXxx computation rules IntOp2 green 619.3.2 13 Oct 15 C. Bloch
1448Not possible to determine the restriction on number of BRCBs if rptMod=both Ed2 green 08 Oct 15 H. Falk
1447Restriction on ENUMtypes in SCL Ed2 green 08 Oct 15 H. Falk
1446ConfReportControl and a fixed ReportSettings Ntp blue table 11 08 Oct 15 R. Schimmel
1445ConfReportControl and a fixed ReportSettings IntOp2 green table 11 08 Oct 15 R. Schimmel
1444Need to support fixed and SCT controlled Datasets IntOp2 green 63Table 11 and others 06 Oct 15 H. Falk
1434Add capability to change nofASDU missing Ed2 green table 119.3.2 18 Aug 15 R. Schimmel
1431SICS S37,S38 Ntp green SICS 10 Aug 15 R. Schimmel
1421Missing multipliers Ntp blue 170Annex D.2 03 Jul 15 M. Häcker
1419Support of ldName on other IEDs IntOp2 green Annex G 01 Jul 15 C. Frei
1416SICS-S110 IID import mandatory for Edition2 Ntp blue Table G.2 18 Jun 15 R. Schimmel
1415SICS-S110 IID import mandatory for Edition2 Ed2 green Table G.2 18 Jun 15 R. Schimmel
1407SCL coordinates unit Ed3 green 153C.13 09 Jun 15 C. Bloch
1402ExtRef during engineering Ed2 green 04 Jun 15 C. Frei
1401Supervision of GOOSE/SV capabilities Ntp green 659.3.2 04 Jun 15 C. Frei
1400It is unclear how to subscribe to a GOOSE/SV in SCL Ntp green 04 Jun 15 H. Falk
1399Tissue 804 defines valimport to be assosciated with valkind=RO Ntp blue 04 Jun 15 H. Falk
1398originalSclVersion management in SCT Ed2 green 619.3.2 04 Jun 15 C. Bloch
1397Subscription limitation visible in IxD file Ed2 green 03 Jun 15 T. Dufaure
1395Client LN attributes IntOp2 green 789.3.8 02 Jun 15 C. Brunner
1365Need to tighten up the XSD in regards to IEDName usage IntOp2 green 529.2.63 24 Mar 15 H. Falk
1359Replace "c37_238" with "61850-9-3" Ed2 green 02 Mar 15 B. Muschlitz
1354Changes to SICS Template Ed2 green 221Annex GTable G.1 and G.2 24 Feb 15 S. Gerspach
1337wrong name length for ReportControl@rptID and GSEControl@appID and SampledValueControl@smvID Ntp green schema SCL.2007B1.2014-07-18 08 Dec 14 B. Muschlitz
1328Limitation on the size of data type templates identifiers IntOp2 green 9.5.2, 9.5.3, 9.5.6 12 Nov 14 C. Frei
1327SICS: import of SCD by IED configuration tool Ntp green 221-222Annex GTable G.1 12 Nov 14 C. Frei
1318SSD will not validate against XSD Ed2 green 529.2.6Note 2 15 Oct 14 H. Falk
1304Error in the SCL object model Ed2 green 22Figure 66.1 03 Sep 14 C. Byman
1303Enumeration type are missing for data attributes "serviceType" and "errorCode" in each CDC service t Ntp blue 118Annex B 26 Aug 14 X. simonin
1298How to differentiate preconfigured Report Datasets from those generated by the System Configuration Ed2 green 649.3.2Table 11 04 Aug 14 T. Widmer
1297How to differentiate preconfigure Datasets from those generated by the System Configuration Tool Ntp green 639.3.2Table 11 04 Aug 14 T. Widmer
1284SCSM mapping may require a communication section in an ICD file Ed2 green 267 16 Jul 14 C. Frei
1280Services: TimeSyncProt Ntp green Tissue 789 / Table 11 08 Jul 14 R. Graf
1257Partial ExtRefs Ed3 green 9.3.13 08 May 14 C. Frei
1255UTF-8 coding to become mandatory Ntp blue 368.41 07 May 14 M. Häcker
1241Add goEna attribute Ed3 green 809.3.10 16 Apr 14 E. Gondra Churruca
1224maxAttributes missing Ntp green table 119.3.2 03 Mar 14 R. Schimmel
1221UTF-8 Encoding Mandatory or Optional Ntp green 36 & 2128.4 & Annex G Respectively 28 Feb 14 R. Bali
1208IPv6 Address format IntOp2 green 9.4.3several 23 Jan 14 H. Kirrmann
1207properties "unique" for names Ntp blue 619.3.2 23 Jan 14 M. Schicklgruber
1204Underscore in names Ntp blue 109Annex A<xs:simpleType name="tRestrName1stU"> 22 Jan 14 D. McGinn
1200OCTET STRING encoding Ntp green 999.5.4.1Table 45-OCTET STRING 06 Jan 14 B. Muschlitz
1195Typographical Error Ed2 green 679.3.25 06 Dec 13 H. Vardhan
1188Schema failure for extended CDC Ntp green 117 20 Nov 13 M. Schicklgruber
1185Valkind value Conf for EX FC data IntOp2 green 100Table 46 06 Nov 13 J. Starck
1175IPv6 address lowercase only IntOp2 green 143Annex AA.5 14 Oct 13 H. Kirrmann
1173Maximun number of setting groups Ntp blue 63Table 11SettingGroups 09 Oct 13 E. San Telmo
1170Name uniqueness within a logical node Ed3 green 709.3.5 04 Oct 13 C. Frei
1168doName and daName of ExtRef Ntp blue 86Table 33 – Attributes of the Input/ExtRef elementDefinitions of doName and daName 03 Oct 13 N. Patil
1161schemaLocation not standardized Ntp blue 368.4 19 Sep 13 B. Muschlitz
1147tServices - FileHandling not consistent with -7-2 Ed2 green 659.3.2 The IED, Services and Access Pointtable 11 19 Aug 13 S. Zeng
1131Using substation naming and IED naming as a mixed naming. Ntp blue 6.2, 6.3 06 Jun 13 A. Steenveld
1130SICS substation section Ntp blue SICS 06 Jun 13 R. Schimmel
1118Clarification of how tClientLN is used to enable Report Control Blocks Ed2 green 779.3.86 24 Apr 13 H. Falk
1059OSI-AP-Title P-type Ntp green 144A.5 22 Mar 13 C. Frei
1054GSEControl datSet attribute Ed2 blue 829.3.102nd bullet 21 Mar 13 D. McGinn
1048Need a way to indicate if MinTime,MaxTime,FixedOffs are present in GOCB Ed2 blue 63Table 11 19 Mar 13 E. San Telmo
961SED file, references export Ntp blue 16 / 1075.5 / 10.3c) / 1st paragraph 21 Dec 12 T. Widmer
949type of LN inst is ambiguous Ed2 green 70-719.3.5, Table 17 26 Nov 12 B. Muschlitz
938Case sensitive in MAC address Ntp blue 02 Nov 12 N. E
936SupSubscription parameter usage is difficult IntOp2 green 65Table 11 22 Oct 12 W. Wimmer
930TEMPLATE all caps? Ntp blue 267first dot point 06 Oct 12 R. Hughes
927New SFD file Ed3 on hold 267all 28 Sep 12 R. Hughes
918Use of "ord" to configure enumerated DAI Ntp blue 999.5.4.1Table 45 11 Sep 12 J. Lopez Sarralde
915ConfReportControl Ntp blue 64 of 2209.3.2Table 11 05 Sep 12 R. Yadav
914spelling of enum sboClass Ntp blue 04 Sep 12 A. Steenveld
901tServices as AP or as IED element IntOp2 green 9.3.2below table 12 17 Aug 12 T. Dufaure
886Missing 8-1 P-types IntOp2 green 112Annex A 13 Aug 12 C. Frei
885SIUnit type defined more than once. Ntp blue 120Appendix BEnumType id SIUnit 09 Aug 12 A. Steenveld
884EnumType with id="sboClass" uses an attribute name in stead of a type name. Ntp blue 118Annex B 09 Aug 12 A. Steenveld
883attribute name used as type name Ntp blue 118Annex B 09 Aug 12 A. Steenveld
873Examples for "curvPts" Ed2 green 9.3.6 ...Example at end of paragraph 28 Jul 12 K. Schwarz
865Version, Revision and configVersion Ntp blue 11 Jul 12 J. Lopez Sarralde
857Function/SubFunction for ConductingEquipment IntOp2 green 499.2.4 24 Jun 12 C. Frei
856VoltageLevel frequency and phases Ed2 green 469.2.2 24 Jun 12 C. Frei
855Recursive SubFunction IntOp2 green 549.2.7 24 Jun 12 C. Frei
853SBO and ProtNs IntOp2 green 1049.5.5 20 Jun 12 I. Lukyanchuk
847clarification of the ICD file and the ".name" Ntp blue 287first dot point re ICD file 14 May 12 R. Hughes
845SGCB ResvTms Ed2 green 63Table 11SettingGroups 09 May 12 R. Schimmel
837LCB with logName of a non-existent Log Ntp blue 03 Apr 12 N. Patil
825Floating point value IntOp2 green 999.5.4.1Table 45 28 Feb 12 R. Schimmel
824Short addresses on structured data attributes IntOp2 green 9.3.6 and 20 Feb 12 C. Frei
823ValKind for structured data attributes IntOp2 green 1009.5.4.1 20 Feb 12 C. Frei
822Extension of IED capabilities Ed2 blue 61-659.3.2 14 Feb 12 C. Frei
815CID derived from SCD File Ntp green 267 SCL description file types4th (2nd buttet at page) 16 Jan 12 K. Schwarz
807Need a way to indicate if "Owner" present in RCB Ed2 green 649.3.2Table 11 14 Dec 11 J. Bruder
806Max length of log name inconsistant between -6 and -7-2 Ed2 green schema 3.1, SCL_BaseSimpleTypes.xsd 08 Dec 11 S. ZENG
804valKind and IED versus System configuration IntOp2 green Table 469.5.4.1 03 Dec 11 C. Brunner
789ConfLdName as services apllies to both server and client IntOp2 green Table 11 25 Oct 11 T. Dufaure
788SICS S56 from optional to mandatory IntOp2 green Annex G 20 Oct 11 W. Wimmer
787SICS I45 inconsistency Ed2 green Annex G 19 Oct 11 W. Wimmer
779object references IntOp2 green 45 30 Sep 11 W. Wimmer
769spelling of enum ctlModel Ntp blue 147Annex B 15 Sep 11 R. Sievert
768bType VisString65 is missing IntOp2 green 01 Sep 11 T. Dufaure
752Input Section/ Inputs Section Ed2 green 9.3.13 22 Aug 11 T. Schossig
733ExtRef GOOSE source ambiguous Ntp blue 859.39.3.13 24 May 11 B. Sculley
731quoted SCL inconsistant with annex. Ed2 green 699.3.4 The logical device 17 May 11 S. ZENG
721Log element name IntOp2 green 9.3.5 14 Apr 11 W. Wimmer
719ConfDataSet - maxAttributes definition is confusing IntOp2 green 63table 119.3.1 01 Apr 11 P. Mathiot
718DOName size restriction does not allow 61400-25-2 to be expressed in SCL Ntp green 18 Feb 11 H. Falk
706Mandatory attributes for an FCDA Ed3 green 9.3.7 11 Jan 11 C. Frei
705Error in schema definition Ntp blue P143Annex A.5 Communication subnetworks 04 Jan 11 S. Zeng
700Redundancy in "tPrefix" schema definition Ntp blue P110Annex A.1 Base types 28 Dec 10 S. Zeng
699DO type description table Ed2 green 95Table 43 etc. 22 Dec 10 W. Wimmer
687SGCB ResvTms Ed2 green 9.3.2 26 Nov 10 W. Wimmer
668Autotransformer modeling IntOp2 green General9 12 Aug 10 W. Wimmer
663FCDA element cannot be a "functionally constrained logical node" IntOp2 green 759.3.7Table 22 04 May 10 C. Frei
661Segmentation Ed3 green 59Figure 20OptFields 22 Apr 10 Y. Du
660XML encoding header repeat Ed2 green 131Annex A.4 20 Apr 10 Y. Du
658Tracking related features IntOp2 green Annex A 16 Apr 10 W. Wimmer


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