1188   Schema failure for extended CDC

Created: 20 Nov 2013

Status: In Force (green)

Part: Part 6 (2009-12; Edition 2)


Page: 117



Category: No impact on this part


In schema "SCL_Enums.xsd" there is a definition for cdc-element of a DOType:

<xs:complexType name="tDOType">
<xs:attribute name="cdc" type="tCDCEnum" use="required"/>

<xs:simpleType name="tCDCEnum">
<xs:restriction base="tPredefinedCDCEnum"/>

but for an extended CDC (cdcNs with cdcNam) this schema is not working


I'm not an expert for XML-Schema, but it should looks like the schema like edition 1.4, with is working:

<xs:simpleType name="tExtensionCDCEnum">
<xs:restriction base="xs:Name">
<xs:minLength value="1"/>
<xs:maxLength value="5"/>
<xs:pattern value="[A-Z,a-z]+"/>

<xs:simpleType name="tCDCEnum">
<xs:union memberTypes="tPredefinedCDCEnum tExtensionCDCEnum"/>

Discussion Created Status
For private usage: correct. They are for backwards compatibility and standard internal usage, not for private definitions. 01 Jul 14 In Force (green)
When it is not allowed in Ed.2 to extend with private CDC -> the DA cdcNs and cdcName of part 7-3 are obsolete 23 Apr 14 In Force (green)
Not accepted, as the Ed2 normative schema only allows Ed2 defined CDCs. 27 Feb 14 In Force (green)
Note that the Ed2 normative schema is valid for Ed2 IEDs, which are only allowed to use the defined Ed2 CDCs. Inside a system also IEDs from other editions may reside, therefore this restriction is NOT valid as input for a system tool respective a produced SCD file with IEDs from other editions. 21 Nov 13 Discussion (red)
In Ed. 2, private CDCs are not allowed anymore. Thus only the predefined CDCs are accepted. Thus the proposal shall be rejected.
BTW, in the informative SCL schema (version 2.1 or "Mixed.2007B") extensions are allowed.
20 Nov 13 Triage


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