One of the objectives of this website is to share information about the definition and use of the International Standard IEC 61850.
Collecting, logging, presenting, and solving technical issues (Tissues)
is supported by this website!

The tissue database has been updated to improve the usability of the tissue database (for computers and mobile phones) and to fix some minor issues.

The following functions have been added recently:

  • Manage your personal subscriptions to get weekly notifications on changes to tissues and comments. The second column of the Overview shows a bell icon 🔔 that can be used to select your preferences. The bell in the header can be used to select and deselect all parts. Each part can individually be selected and deselected.
    For each selected part a weekly notification will be sent to the personalized user.
    The notifications for new technical issues is still the same as before (at the time of posting a tissue).
  • The button "Tissues By Status" filters for the status, select the status you want to see.
  • The button "Show All Parts" toggles between all current and all (current and withdrawn) parts.

Some of the latest news you can find in the news section as well.


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