1241   Add goEna attribute

Created: 16 Apr 2014

Status: In Force (green)

Part: Part 6 (2009-12; Edition 2)


Page: 80

Clause: 9.3.10


Category: Issue for edition 3 of this part


In part 7-2 (clause defined GoEna as part of GoCB. The last sentence says "The value of GoEna at IED startup depends on the IED configuration".
The problem is that we don't have any standarized way to configure this item in a CID/IID file.


Append a new attribute in GSE control block named goEna.

xs:attribute name="goEna" type="xs:boolean" use="optional" default="true"

In order to enabling/disabling GOOSE tranmission in configuration time.

Discussion Created Status
05 Aug 14 In Force (green)
Not accepted. No change for Ed2. A rediscussion for Ed3 might follow. 26 Jun 14 Ballot Period
I quite agree with with Wolfgang synthesis.
The intention of 7-2 was indeed: IED local issue. Implementation may even choose not to implement the disabling of GOOSE over the communication. Therefore, there is currently no need to standardize the goEna in the scl configuration file.
This system issue could however be rediscussed for the next edition.
09 May 14 Discussion (red)
There exists also an IED specific configuration, and very often this behavior is fix: fully configured GoCBs are enabled, those with missing information are disabled. May be 7-2 should better say 'IED local issue' instead.
As long as there exists no standardized application needing a standardized configuration of CB enable or disable for GOOSE and SV traffic this proposal is not accepted. Should be rediscussed for the next IEC 61850 edition.
17 Apr 14 Discussion (red)


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