Part 6 (2004)

Technical Issue Subject Cat Status
Page Clause Paragraph Created Proposer
1486Using Ed2 semantics in Ed1 device Ed2 blue 29 Mar 16 E. Emmu
1254UTF-8 coding to become mandatory Ntp blue 248.31 07 May 14 M. Häcker
1243FC=SG attribute of DA incompatible with Part 6 Ed2 Ntp blue Table 44 17 Apr 14 R. Schimmel
1211Example file typo Ntp blue 135D.2 12 Feb 14 B. Muschlitz
1160schemaLocation value not standardized Ntp blue 248.3 19 Sep 13 B. Muschlitz
1144Meaning of Dyn/Conf/Fix IntOp blue 499.3.2 05 Aug 13 B. Muschlitz
1133GOOSE Control Block Ntp blue 51, 639.3.10 GSE control blockFirst 14 Jun 13 K. Shah
799New Data Object. Ntp blue 11 Nov 11 S. Yalovoy
798LNs an Data Object. Ntp blue 08 Nov 11 S. Yalovoy
740Zero-phase sequence current transformer Ntp blue 13 Jul 11 S. Yalovoy
739Terminal connection Ntp blue 389.2.3 13 Jul 11 S. Yalovoy
738CTR connection Ntp blue 11 Jul 11 S. Yalovoy
737Modelling CTR Ntp blue 06 Jul 11 S. Yalovoy
678Data Type templates Ed3 green 95DOType definition 25 Oct 10 I. Auzokoa
662FCDA element cannot be a "functionally constrained logical node" Ed3 green 759.3.7Table 22 04 May 10 C. Frei
640Add an attribute to DAType Ntp blue 829.5.52 12 Jun 09 Y. Du
627SCL cannot be used to represent message structure Ed2 green 749.5.13 01 Oct 08 G. LaMarre
622Add Enumerated cmdQual Ed2 blue 118annex B1 13 Jun 08 S. hu
617IED modelling Ed2 blue 07 May 08 C. hua
589Backward Compatibility issue with Tissue 243 Ed2 blue 19 Dec 07 H. Falk
534Dbpos Ntp green 120Annex B (normative) 26 Apr 07 J. tavella
533orCategory Ntp green 118Annex B (normative) 26 Apr 07 J. tavella
532setCharact Ntp green 119Annex B (normative) 26 Apr 07 J. tavella
529sev IntOp green 118Annex B (normative) 26 Apr 07 J. tavella
491Validation required for MMS variables Ed2 blue 09 Apr 07 F. Kooloth
484Clarification on P element restrictions Ntp blue 709.4.35 20 Mar 07 G. LaMarre
472Connectivity of power equipment Ed2 blue 389.2.3 Table 5N/A 27 Feb 07 M. Jones
471Common method for redundant IP addresses Ed2 blue 459.3.1Figure 13 23 Feb 07 G. Gilchrist
465Missing identity constraints in IED section Ed2 green 9.3 01 Feb 07 C. Frei
460Enumeration setCharact not complete Ed2 green Annex B 12 Jan 07 W. Wimmer
458Where can i find XSDs Ntp blue 27 Dec 06 S. Vadavathi
454lnClass and lnType relationship Ntp blue 9.3.5 13 Dec 06 A. Gómez Bruque
452Mandatory DOI elements Ntp blue 9.3.5. 11 Dec 06 A. Gómez Bruque
445Schema definition not correct for DAs coming under SPC,DPC etc Ed2 blue 85 (schema)Annex-A 24 Nov 06 F. Kooloth
436Overturn Tissue 173 Ed2 blue 26 Oct 06 H. Falk
428Security Ed2 green 12 Oct 06 H. Falk
425SCL does not support VisString65 Ed2 green 90A.1tPredefinedBasicTypeEnum 11 Oct 06 G. LaMarre
378DA and SDO restriction in DOType Ed2 green dataTypeTemplate.xsd 11 Sep 06 T. Dufaure
371Binding ExtRef elements to a communication service. Ed2 blue 679.3.13Last paragraph 25 Aug 06 M. Smith
367LNodeTypeKey schema constraint failure when using the IED type attribute in the data type templates Ntp blue 9.5.1 24 Aug 06 D. Webb
366Use of IED type attribute for Shared Data type template identifiers Ed2 green 9.5.12 24 Aug 06 D. Webb
357Schema validation failure for lnClass="LLN0" Ntp blue 549.3.51 03 Aug 06 F. Kooloth
356Incorrect example of instance file with drawing layout coordinates Ed2 green 125C.1 03 Aug 06 B. Muschlitz
355maintenance syntax Ed2 green 126C.2 03 Aug 06 B. Muschlitz
354There is no SCL configuration feedback that reflect local changes. Ed2 blue 197 01 Aug 06 H. Falk
353tDA/tDAI supported value Ed2 blue 9.3.6, 9.5.4 26 Jul 06 T. Dufaure
341Semantic for CDC INS Ntp blue 08 Jul 06 K. Schwarz
318GOOSE subscriber definition inside IEC61850 server Ed2 blue 03 May 06 F. Kooloth
317Phase - phase measuremends Ed2 green 409.2.4Table 7 03 May 06 C. Brunner
315Number of client associations Ed2 green 23 Apr 06 C. Brunner
313number of terminals for the type code PTW Ed2 green 389.2.3Table 5 13 Apr 06 U. Baumgärtel
307Flag buffered/unbuffered reporting in element service Ed2 green 9.3.2 04 Apr 06 H. Dawidczak
303Error in example file Ed2 green 130 and 131Annex D.2 24 Mar 06 B. Muschlitz
302References for arrays in DataSets Ed2 green 58 9.3.7Attributes of the FCDA element 22 Mar 06 A. Gómez Bruque
296KeepAlive Ntp blue 26 Feb 06 S. Katayama
291SCLControl Ed2 green 549.3.5 13 Feb 06 S. Klein
286Status of "bay" in SCL Ed2 green 349.2.2 02 Feb 06 S. Klein
285Inconsistent uniqueness constraints Ed2 green As noted As noted 02 Feb 06 S. Klein
284icd-to-scd-to-icd clarifications Ed2 green 105all 31 Jan 06 S. Paduraru
280ConfDataSet attribute "modify" missing Ed2 green 49Table 10 04 Jan 06 E. San Telmo Quecedo
277Enum type for dirPhsA Ntp blue Annex B 21 Dec 05 R. Schimmel
273Why the GI is not in the SCL? Ntp green 599.3.8Report Control Block 13 Dec 05 E. San Telmo Quecedo
272Pribate section type Ed2 green 238.2.6 12 Dec 05 W. Wimmer
245Attribute RptId IntOp green 599.3.8 25 Oct 05 P. Martin
243RCB Naming Ed2 green 659.3..8 24 Oct 05 H. Falk
2339-2 Security Attribute Ed2 green 06 Oct 05 G. Lang
212attribute basic data type Ed2 green 809.5.4.2 21 Sep 05 B. Muschlitz
211errors in example file Ed2 green 136D.2 21 Sep 05 B. Muschlitz
210ord attribute starting value Ntp blue 9.5.6 and Annex B 21 Sep 05 P. Martin
203<xs:unique> Ed2 blue General 13 Sep 05 R. Havens
201Schema snippet not in agreement with Annex Ed2 green 549.3.5 12 Sep 05 R. Havens
197"Setting Control" or "Setting Group Control" Ed2 green 659.3.12all 26 Aug 05 K. Schwarz
186Definition of DataSet Members Ed2 green Attribute of FCDA elementTable 21 18 Aug 05 T. Dufaure
176tDAI and tSDI definition Ed2 green SchemaSCL_IED.xsd 20 Jul 05 T. Dufaure
170Need to add ING to list of classes on which enumerations are defined Ed2 green 839.5.6Second bullet 24 Jun 05 S. Klein
169Ordering of enum differs from 7-3 IntOp green 119Appendix B 24 Jun 05 S. Klein
158Downloading of SCL-schema Ntp blue general 19 Apr 05 H. Dawidczak
157Problem with NULL datSet in ICD Ed2 green 629.3.9Table 25 14 Apr 05 Editors Group
130LDName length Ed2 green General 21 Mar 05 K. Schwarz
24wrong schema constraint Ed2 green Annex A.5 08 Mar 05 W. Wimmer
23GUIDs for Schema? Ntp blue Annex A 30 Jan 05 K. Schwarz
22Version of Schema Ed2 blue Annex A 30 Jan 05 K. Schwarz
21 input/output connections Ntp blue 9.3.13 30 Jan 05 K. Schwarz
20Store settings values Ntp blue 9.3.12 30 Jan 05 K. Schwarz
19tAddr not in Schema Ntp blue Schema 30 Jan 05 K. Schwarz
18Functional naming and LDevice Ed2 green 9.3.4Table 14 30 Jan 05 K. Schwarz
17DAI/SDI elements syntax IntOp green Schema 30 Jan 05 K. Schwarz
16modify attribute missing Ed2 green 6.3.2table 10 30 Jan 05 K. Schwarz
15bufOvfl in Schema? IntOp green Schema 30 Jan 05 K. Schwarz
14Private parts -> data? Ed2 green 8.2.6Headline and in the text 30 Jan 05 K. Schwarz
13configVersion and parameterization Ed2 green 9.3.2Table 9 30 Jan 05 K. Schwarz
12Client identification Ed2 green 30 Jan 05 K. Schwarz
11Schema for IP Addr? Ed2 green 30 Jan 05 K. Schwarz
10Base type for bitstring usage IntOp green Annex A 30 Jan 05 K. Schwarz
9Data Set reference in CBs Ed2 green Annex A 30 Jan 05 K. Schwarz
8SIUnit enumeration for W IntOp green Annex B 30 Jan 05 K. Schwarz
7Duplication of attributes Ed2 green SCL Schema 30 Jan 05 K. Schwarz
6ReportControl/OptFields Ed2 green SCL schema 30 Jan 05 K. Schwarz
5tExtensionAttributeNameEnum is restricted IntOp green Annex ASCL_Enums.xsd 30 Jan 05 K. Schwarz
4Annex B normative? Ed2 green Annex B 30 Jan 05 K. Schwarz
3Missing ENUMs Ed2 green Annex B 30 Jan 05 K. Schwarz
2Syntax - left-hand zeros Ed2 blue Annex A5 30 Jan 05 K. Schwarz
1Syntax IntOp green Annex A5 30 Jan 05 K. Schwarz


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