662   FCDA element cannot be a "functionally constrained logical node"

Created: 04 May 2010

Status: In Force (green)

Part: Part 6 (2004)


Page: 75

Clause: 9.3.7

Paragraph: Table 22

Category: Issue for edition 3 of this part


There is a mismatch between Part 7-2 and Part 6 regarding the contents of a DataSet of a Report, GOOSE, SaV control block.

In 7-2, it is clearly stated that a data set can only contain Functionally Constrained Data Attributes (FCDA) or Functionally Constrained Data (FCD).

In Part 6, Table 22, for the doName row, it is stated that "If doName is empty, then fc can contain a value, selecting the attribute category of all DOs of the defined LN.", which contradicts Part 7-2.


Clarify the description for the FCDA element. If used for a Report, GOOSE or Sampled Values control block, then the following attributes are mandatory: ldInst, lnClass, doName, and fc.
Attribute prefix shall still be optional (default value the empty string), lnInst shall still be optional (no default value - for LLN0), daName shall still be optional (no default value), and ix shall still be optional (no default value).

All attributes of an FCDA (except "fc") shall be optional only for a GSSE control block.

Discussion Created Status
Accepted as input to Edition 2 for Edition 3 04 May 10 Discussion (red)


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