1486   Using Ed2 semantics in Ed1 device

Created: 29 Mar 2016

Status: Not Applicable

Part: Part 6 (2004)





Category: Issue for edition 2 of this part


An Ed1 device can implement the Edition 2 extended logical nodes in private name space? For Example, if the device is comply to Ed1 and to model the GOOSE subscribe statistics into 61850, LGOS from Ed2 can be used in private name space? or need to create a custom LN?
If yes, lnNs should refer to Ed2 or to private reference?


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According to the Editor's meeting in January 2015, we should allow using Ed. 2 LNs or Ed. 2 LN extensions with Ed. 2 namespaces, as long as it fulfills the Ed. 2 rules, e.g., all mandatory stuff is in.
LGOS cannot be declared as Ed. 2 lnNs, as GoCBRef (ORG) is mandatory in Ed. 2, is a new Ed. 2 CDC and thus cannot be implemented in Ed. 1. In such a case, LGOS must have lnNs with private NS.
If you want to use LocKey in Ed. 1 CSWI, you can add the DO LocKey with dataNs = Ed. 2.

Thus I suggest to change the sentence "Yes, in principle an Ed1 device can implement Ed2 LNs, and then they must have a private lnNs" into "Yes, in principle an Ed1 device can implement Ed2 LNs, and then they may have a private lnNs, or an Ed. 2 lnNs if it fulfills the Ed. 2 rules of the LN.
29 Mar 16 Not Applicable
Sorry, issue raised on wrong part. Needs to be on 7-1. 29 Mar 16 Triage


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