425   SCL does not support VisString65

Created: 11 Oct 2006

Status: In Force (green)

Part: Part 6 (2004)


Page: 90

Clause: A.1

Paragraph: tPredefinedBasicTypeEnum

Category: Issue for edition 2 of this part


According to part 8-1 (E.3.1), the Attribute type for SBO should be
VISIBLE STRING65. However, part 6 does not permit VisibleString65 as a basic type. Therefore, the following SCL does not validate:
<DA name="SBO" fc="CO" bType="VisString65"/>


Add VisString65 to tPredefinedBasicTypeEnum.

Discussion Created Status
Final proposal is accepted. 23 Jan 07 In Force (green)
7-2 does specify a specific type, namela 'object reference'. Up to now this was not needed in SCL, because object references were only service parameters. In future they will also be used as values in the data model, so SCL will introduce for this a new basic type ObjRef, which is already mapped within 8-1 to an MMS visible-string of length 65 14 Dec 06 Ballot Period
Given that 7-2 is conceptual, it is acceptable that 7-2 doesn't specify the length of the visible string for SBO. However, to ask that an unspecified length be modeled as VisString64 in the SCL is confusing. To avoid confusion, could we introduce a new type that is used specifically for SBO like was done for Dbpos and Quality?

01 Nov 06 Discussion (red)
In principle accepted. However, why exist string length 64 AND 65, why 128 AND 129? Only one of them should be needed at the conceptual side (7-2)and could be mapped at stack level to another type. SHould be harmonized between 7-2 and 8-1! So, use VisString64 at SCL even if 8-1 specifies 65 byte strings. 26 Oct 06 Discussion (red)


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