357   Schema validation failure for lnClass="LLN0"

Created: 03 Aug 2006

Status: Not Applicable

Part: Part 6 (2004)


Page: 54

Clause: 9.3.5

Paragraph: 1

Category: No impact on this part


Always getting an "unknown error" when validating the SCL file generated using the SCL XML Schema. The error is always happenning at lnClass="LLN0" for the tag LN0 coming under LDevice, though the format is perfectly correct as per IEC 61850-6 standards. I have checked up the same with the SCLs generated by other vendors also and same error is getting repeated.

The validation was perfectly working when I changed the schema part from
<xs:attribute name="lnClass" type="tLNClassEnum" use="required" fixed="LLN0"/>


1) <xs:attribute name="lnClass" type="xs:normalizedString" use="required" fixed="LLN0"/>


2) <xs:attribute name="lnClass" type="tLLN0Enum" use="required" />

So I doubt there is a compatibility issue with type="tLNClassEnum" and fixed="LLN0" in the standard schema definition.


Discussion Created Status
Rejected. The current schema is here correct. It seems that your validator can not handled nested xs:union definitions. 04 Aug 06 Not Applicable


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