303   Error in example file

Created: 24 Mar 2006

Status: In Force (green)

Part: Part 6 (2004)


Page: 130 and 131

Clause: Annex D.2


Category: Issue for edition 2 of this part


The T1-1 example shows VTR "U1" with 2 terminals in the "substation" section for E1/Q1 and E1/Q3. Clause 9.2.3 Table 5 states that only 1 terminal should be used.


Remove terminal S12/E1/Q1/L3 from E1/Q1/U1.
Change first teminal in E1/Q1/I1 (CTR) from S12/E1/Q1/L3 to S12/E1/L2.
Remnove ConnectivityNode L3 from E1/Q1.
Repeat the above 3 changes for E1/Q3.

Discussion Created Status
24 Apr 06 In Force (green)
accepted 29 Mar 06 Discussion (red)


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