13   configVersion and parameterization

Created: 30 Jan 2005

Status: In Force (green)

Part: Part 6 (2004)



Clause: 9.3.2

Paragraph: Table 9

Category: Issue for edition 2 of this part


The attribute name configVersion is detailed as the basic configuration for the device and the specific IED configuration is declared to be as configRev for LLN0. We have found that actually it is dificult to maintain a coherent way to know the present status both for the configuration, as well as the parametrization, for the device. Because there are too many ways to change the parameters (attributes CF) for the device (remotely, web server access, locally, by the local display…) it could be usefull to have an adittional attribute (proposed paramRev) to indicate the present revision of the settings changed afer the download of the original *.CID file. Then, if after anychange of the parameters is stored as a new revision, one central unit can compare using ACSI services the change both in configuration as well as in parametrizacion, and can automatically call the device using the SGCB to update the data stored at the central unit. A new release of the *.SCD file is then possible and the system is prepared to an automatically download of the present configuration and parametrization of the device after a HW repacement etc…

Moreover, to reach the complete coherence we propose also to add as new Data Attibutes in the LPL CDC the “version” and the “revision” that can be inherited from the Header of the *.SCD file


We propose:
- To add a DAI paramRev in LPL CDC
- To add a DAI scdVersion in LPL CDC
- To add a DAI scdRevision in LPL CDC

Discussion Created Status
This Tissue has been taken up in part 7-3, Tissue 424. For backward compatibility reasons it should be an optional attribute. 22 Nov 06 In Force (green)
Although the Tissue has been set to green status, paramrev does not appear in any document. In witch part shall it be included? Will it be a mandatory or optional parameter?
22 Nov 06 In Force (green)
As per 61850-6_IS-Ed1_comment_clarified_V1.1_5January05.doc

WW: addition of attributes to CDCs belongs to 7-3, and not to part 6.
If transferred to 7-3, I think that an optional paramRev is worthwhile to be discussed / included. May be, it could also be a confRev attribute at the SGCB (-> 7-2), which would then also influence part 6, but not needed for parameters outside setting groups.
However, the scdRevision would make system maintenance very tedious, because even on changes which only would concern two IEDs, all IEDs in the system have to be reconfigured. On the other hand the current confRev philosophy is sufficient to assure consistent configuration between any two communication partners.

WG10 02.12.04:
Final proposal
ConfigRev remains as it is: semantic changes.
New Attributes in LPL:
- paramRev: incremented as soon as a parameter has changed (i.e.setting): online and in the SCD file.

- valueRev: incremented as soon as a default value (FC= CF, FC=ST) has been changed within the SCL file only.

30 Jan 05 In Force (green)


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