640   Add an attribute to DAType

Created: 12 Jun 2009

Status: Not Applicable

Part: Part 6 (2004)


Page: 82

Clause: 9.5.5

Paragraph: 2

Category: No impact on this part


There are no attribute for DAType to identify where it comes from, like "lnClass" in LNType and "cdc" in DOType. The attribute "id" can easily changed, and if we named a unsuitable id, we could hardly re-trackable this DAType.


I suggest to add an attribute "cdac" to identify which DAType should it involved.At the same time, add a tCDACEnum classify include "AnalogueValue, RangeConfig, ..."

Discussion Created Status
This is in principle a good idea. However, because the data object names and their relation to CDCs are completely standardized as well as the CDC definitions themselves, also the used basic attribute types are fixed and known, and therefore it is not needed to have them referenced additionally in the SCL file. If a formal description of this relation is needed for some reason, this can be done once by using the name space definition file of Edition 2. 12 Jun 09 Not Applicable


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