341   Semantic for CDC INS

Created: 08 Jul 2006

Status: Not Applicable

Part: Part 6 (2004)





Category: No impact on this part


The common data class INS (Integer status) allows to apply the CDC for many different applications. In many cases it is required to asign a specific semantic to a value range:

1...99 means this and that
100...999 means ...


Such a schema should be added in the SCL Schema, to allow the definition of the semantic of an INS.

Discussion Created Status
08 Aug 06 Not Applicable
Nothing should be required. The INS or INC attributes that are defined with Enum have the tye="Enum" in the SCL definition and a reference to the enumetation definition that is also part of the ICD file. Therefore, the logistic for dealing/defining Enum is already available within part 6. According to Tissue #146, the stVal and ctlVal are cxtInt, and their byte length is determined by the greater value that is possible in the enumeration. 11 Jul 06 Discussion (red)
The enumerations defining the semantic of CDC INS (as well as of attributes of the type enumerated in 7-3) are already defined as schema in Annexe B of Part 6. I am not sure what should be required in addition. 09 Jul 06 Discussion (red)
I do not believe that as INS the proposed problem actually exists. Such issues are typically defined by ranges and limits (e.g. high, high-high), and I believe that the CFG FCs in INS support this concept. If not, then maybe the CFG should be fixed (a 7-3 issue as well as -6).

I do not believe that the enumeration definitions need to account for the range.
08 Jul 06 Discussion (red)


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