277   Enum type for dirPhsA

Created: 21 Dec 2005

Status: Not Applicable

Part: Part 6 (2004)



Clause: Annex B


Category: No impact on this part


Part 7-3 table 18 ACD defines enumerated values for :
- dirGeneral = unknown | forward | backward | both
- dirPhsA/B/C = unknown | forward | backward
The ENUM type for dirGeneral is defined in part 6 Annex B as "dir". The ENUM type for dirPhsA is missing.


Should part 6 define a new ENUM type or should we use the existing ENUM type "dir" also for dirPhsA/B/C?

Discussion Created Status
The idea was to use the ENUM type dir also for the phases. Therefore it has been named 'dir' and not 'dirGeneral'. 21 Dec 05 Not Applicable


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