1243   FC=SG attribute of DA incompatible with Part 6 Ed2

Created: 17 Apr 2014

Status: Not Applicable

Part: Part 6 (2004)



Clause: Table 44


Category: No impact on this part


Part 6 2003 defines the attribute FC of the DA element as follows:
“The functional constraint for this attribute; FC=SG always also implies FC=SE”

Whereas Part 6 2009 defines the attribute FC of the DA element as follows:
“The functional constraint for this attribute; FC=SE always also implies FC=SG; FC=SG means that the values are visible, but not editable”.

Therefor both definitions are incompatible and force additional conversion of an SCL tool when importing an SCL 1.4 DataTypeTemplate within a part 6 Edition 2 aware tool. The representation
of the same DOType within a DataTypeTemplate of an SCL 3.1 station file will have to modify the FC=SG of those DA, so that Part 6 Edition 2 aware tool interpret correctly the structure of the DOType.


Two options are proposed, one shall be the final:
1. Change the Part 6 edition 1 definition to make it Edition 2 compatible
2. Provide a recommendation on how the conversion from Ed1>Ed2 and Ed2>Ed1 is done + provide a information on how to interpret valKind of FC=SE in Ed2 within the definition of FC=SG in Ed1.

Discussion Created Status
For the relation between SCL config and IED datamodel with regard to FC=SG/SE, can we have the conclusion as following:
Ed.1 IED:
for SCL DA with FC=SG, IED should generate two DAs: FC=SG and FC=SE;
Ed.2 IED:
for SCL DA with FC=SE, IED should generate two DAs: FC=SG and FC=SE;
for SCL DA with FC=SG, IED should generate the DA of only FC=SG.
14 Jul 15 Not Applicable
01 Jul 14 Not Applicable
For already existing Ed1 IEDs it does not make sense to write an Ed1 Tissue. For new Ed1 IEDs which shall be Ed2 compatible the easiest solution is to provide an ICD file according to Ed2 SCL and enable the IED tool to understand Ed2 SCL.
In general this is only relevant for mixed systems, and therefore should be solved in the scope of the current IEC 61850 edition.
Ed2 system tools must be aware of the difference and provide an appropriate conversion from Ed1 to Ed2. The Ed2 solution supports however additional use cases (settings visible, but not editable)not compatible with Ed1, i.e. in this case a back transformation Ed2>Ed1 without information loss is not possible. Here two options are suggested:
1. remove all settings of Ed2 IEDs from the Ed1 SCD file. As settings are typically not used in the data flow, this does not harm the Ed1 IEDs. From an Ed2 perspective this Ed1 SCD file is like an Ed2 SED file. By the way, an Ed1 tool following the mayIgnore feature will do this automatically if it finds fc=SE inside an Ed2 SCL file.
2. convert SG and SE in Ed2 IEDs always to SG inside an Ed1 SCD file. As this is only used to configure the data flow from Ed2 IEDs to Ed1 IEDs, which does not contain settings, this does not harm.
17 Apr 14 Discussion (red)


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