1133   GOOSE Control Block

Created: 14 Jun 2013

Status: Not Applicable

Part: Part 6 (2004)


Page: 51, 63

Clause: 9.3.10 GSE control block

Paragraph: First

Category: No impact on this part


On Page no 51, Table-10 of IEC 61850-6 standard it is mentioned for GOOSE -
"max = maximum number of GOOSE control blocks, which are configurable for publishing (max=0 means the device is only a GOOSE client)."

That means GOOSE control block is used for GOOSE Publisher only.

On page no 63 first paragraph says that-
"The GSE control block may optionally contain IED names for those IEDs which have to subscribe the GSE data."

That means same GOOSE Control block can be used as Subscriber also.


So, my suggestion is that, there should be separate GOOSE Control block for Publisher and Subscriber. May be named as Transmit control block (GOOSE_TX) and Receive control block (GOOSE_RX).

So, that interoperability will be quite easy between different IEC 61850 devices in the network.

Each device need to subscribe only configured data in Receive control block, from the network.

I think same will be applicable for Sampled Value (SMV) also.

Discussion Created Status
Implementations are out of scope of the standard. Observe that from a standard point of view the Input/Extref section in SCL as well as the InRef / BlkRef data objects of CDC ORG allow to describe incoming signals and their binding to the IED internal implementation. 17 Jun 13 Not Applicable
So, please let me know what is current implementation for GOOSE Subscriber configuration.

17 Jun 13 Not Applicable
This is a misunderstanding. GOOSE (GSE) control blocks are only located on the publishers. This publisher control block may contain a list of intended subscribers. There is currently NO control block at the subscribers.
However, with Edition 2 subscribers may contain a LGOS logical node, which supervises that it really gets the intended GOOSE message.
14 Jun 13 Not Applicable


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