1696   Blocked/Test-blocked does not impact CSWI->XCBR interface

Created: 05 Jun 2020

Status: In Force (green)

Part: Part 7-2 (2020; Edition 2.1)

Links: #1697 status texts , #1676 multiple Figures

Page: 152-162

Clause: 20

Paragraph: Figure 40-44


The state "Operate" in the state machines indicates that OpOpn and OpCls are Set (entry) Reset (exit) while the state "MirrorCBlockedCommand" does not.
The only difference impacted by the Beh beeing blocked / test-blocked, vs beeing on /test is : Activate Output (entry), Desactivate Ouput (exit).
Therefore, even in the state "MirrorBlockedCommand", the CSWI.OpOpn and CSWI.OpCls are set and reset.


Remove OpOpn OpCls operation from states "Operate" as the state machines are NOT limited to the CSWI logical node.


Add in the state "MirrorBlockedCommand" that the OpOpn and OpCls are set and reset.

Discussion Created Status
6 months over 30 Nov 22 In Force (green)
batching of tissue has been circulated 57/2445/INF
Move to mustImplement:

as specified in the attachment.
01 Feb 22 Must Implement
ballot expired move to solution accepted and link to redmine.
20 Jul 21 Solution Accepted
Agree with the removal of the test sCtl29 from the server test, as this is more a functional testing than a conformance testing. 11 May 21 Ballot Period
Server Conformance test sCtl29 ("Verify the MirrorBlockedCommand and FC=OR attributes SelOpn, SelCls, OpOpn, OpCls") will be removed. 04 May 21 Conformance Test Verification
No compatibility issues 16 Feb 21 Conformance Test Preparation
proposed implementation attached. 16 Feb 21 Analysis Of Compatibility
move to verify draft implementation.
Draft implementation is attached to the tissue
28 Oct 20 Verify Draft Implementation
changed satte of TISSUE to drafting implementation 17 Jun 20 Drafting Implementation
drafted version 09 Jun 20 Discussion (red)
Based on Henry and Christoph's comment, the final proposal is:

Remove OpOpn OpCls operation from states "Operate" as the state machines are NOT limited to the CSWI logical node.
09 Jun 20 Discussion (red)
Per discussion resulting from TPWG, this issue need to be addressed. 05 Jun 20 Accepted
I would not limit the issue to CSWI/XCBR only. It is valid for all so called GOOSE control use cases, e.g. ATCC/YLTC. 05 Jun 20 Triage


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