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Created: 02 Mar 2020

Status: Editorial

Part: Part 7-2 (2020; Edition 2.1)

Links: #1697 status texts , #1696 Blocked/Test-blocked does not impact CSWI->XCBR interface

Page: Figure 40, 42, 43, 44

Clause: 20.2

Paragraph: Control


There was an error with the replacement of the figure 40, 42, 43, 44.
For each Figure title there are 2 Figures.
For each case the first figure is correct, the 2nd figure is incorrect.
The transition to the state MirrorBlockedCommand is ruled with the condition : Beh = Blocked, Test-Blocked


Remove Second Figure for each case as shown in attached document

Discussion Created Status
set to Editorial 24 Sep 20 Editorial
Set to editorial 03 Sep 20 Approval (Editoral)
Correct, pulseConfig is meant in the state machine.
Nevertheless, only control objects with a pulse output have the notion of on and off duration.
The state machine illustrates the transition from the states Operate / MirrorBlockedCommand to next state using the pulsCfg.

The duration of the states for a given control object is actually driven by the HW requirement to fullfil the "activate output" to "desactivate output" implementation.

The requirement for opOk duration should be expressed by 7-3 with a definition: "opOk shall be set long enough to garantee a successful transmission per GOOSE of the event TRUE.
03 Jul 20 Discussion (red)
In each of the figures a DA "pulsCfg" can be found. The Name of this DA has to be changed into "pulseConfig" as defined in Part 7-3 clause 6.5 . 02 Jul 20 Discussion (red)
drafted version 09 Jun 20 Discussion (red)
Accepted 02 Mar 20 Accepted


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