1929   LCCH - ChLiv/RedChLiv

Created: 31 May 2024

Status: Discussion (red)

Part: Part 7-4 (2020; Edition 2.1)


Page: 129

Clause: 6.3.4

Paragraph: Table 46


The explanation for LCCH.ChLiv/RedChLiv state the following

"If true, channel is receiving telegrams within a
specified time interval..."

Due to the used protocol and location of the IED within the network a channel could only send telegrams but never receive telegrams hence ChLiv/RedChLiv = false. This results in an unnecessary and doubtful status information which can only be found by detailed traffic analysing and results as well in an unnecessary complex supervision concept. It should not differ if a channel is receiving or sending telegrams to indicate a status of true within its supervision concept.

Example for such an "only sending IED" can be a Switch. Depending on the configuration it can be the case that data would "flow" only in one direction through the switch hence for the outgoing port ChLiv = false eventhough an UpLink is established.


Editorial change to

"If true, channel is receiving or sending telegrams within a
specified time interval.."

Discussion Created Status
If you receive telegrams on a communication port, you could be confident that the connection actually works. If you never receive anything on a communication port, you are most probably having a connection issue.
When an IED sends telegrams on a port, it has no evidence that the telegrams will actually reach the connected devices.
To me this is the idea behind the original statement and it's OK for the majority of cases.
03 Jul 24 Discussion (red)
Open for discussion.
My proposal is to handle this manner as an editorial change.
03 Jul 24 Accepted
I don't know if this tissue should be characterized as just "editorial". Maybe it can be understood as an functional extension (not only receiving, but also sending).
Should be "future improvement" or "editorial" or real tissue?
03 Jun 24 Triage


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