1925   Mismatch between clauses and

Created: 15 May 2024

Status: Approval (Editoral)

Part: Part 7-2 (2020; Edition 2.1)


Page: 78


Paragraph: entire clause


Clause (originally TimeOfEntry) advises to replace the existing text with the given new text. This new text is a duplicate of clause This way, the clause about TimeOfEntry does not exist anymore.

The INF document is fine; the mismatch is limited to the standard document.


Replace the content of clause with content about TimeOfEntry.

Modify the headline of clause Delete "See E.2 for further clarifications." from the headline and drop it right before clause .

Discussion Created Status
Agree with the tissue. There was an editorial issue with the amendment to match the consolidated version. The attached docuement show how the clause remains unchanged, and the replacement instruction for clause
21 May 24 Approval (Editoral)


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