1917   Incorrect use of "Attribute" vs Object

Created: 10 Apr 2024

Status: Approval (Editoral)

Part: Part 7-4 (2020; Edition 2.1)


Page: 379

Clause: 7.1

Paragraph: Table 209


Clause 7 is titled:
"7 Data object name semantics and enumerations"

and clause 7.1 Semantics includes Table 209 which provides a list of all the Data Objects referenced in the LN definitions.
e.g. "ADetun" is a DO in Table 52 for the LN ANCR

However the title of Table 209 uses the term "Attributes"


Change Table 209 title reference to "Objects"

Discussion Created Status
Sorry but I can't agree the text is correct.

I understand an XML “thing” can have elements which you can call “attributes of the thing” ... and that element can have further sub-elements which are “attributes of the attribute of the thing”.
So in IEC 61850, the Data Objects are the possible “attribute” items of a Logical Node class if that is what you mean.

.. but the use of the word "attribute" in Table 209 is in direct conflict and misleading and confusing in the context of the IEC 61850 use of the terms Data Attribute vs Data Object as terms defined in Part 2.

We use structured reference to a piece of information basically as:

To make it easier jumping page to page in the Standard lets pick on Section 6.18.19 Table 208 ZTCR.

In each of the LN Class tables, e.g., the first column is called "Data object name"
where we find for example in Table 208 the first Data Object row with "EEName"
So we have

The next chapter 7 title is “Data object name semantics and enumerations”
7.1 is titled “Data semantics”
7.2 is titled “Enumerated data attribute types”
As there is no section 7.3, it is reasonable to assume the intent of 7.1 is more accurately “Data object name semantics” as the first part of the title of Chapter 7 (perhaps that could be corrected as the title of 7.1 too)

So we now find in section 7.1 that Table 209 then lists "EEName" on page 390 so that first column of Table 209 are in fact clearly the Data Objects as listed in the LN Class Tables.

So the title of Table209 as “Attributes defined on classes of LogicalNodes package” is inconsistent with the actual list of Data Object names provided in the first column!

To go a bit further into LN.DO.DA

Knowing that Table 208 ZTCR says EEName is a CDC "DPL" we see that Part 7-3 defines the CDC DPL on page 105 with the attributes of DPL

7-3 Table 85 is title “Attributes of DPL”
The first column of Table 85 is "Attribute name", so the first row "vendor" is one of the attributes of DPL
So we end up with

So I hope you can see the confusion / inconsistency of
Data Objects in 7-4 Table 209 titled “Attributes ...”
Data Attributes in 7-3 Table 85 titled “Attributes ...”

Simply changing the title of in 7-4 Table 209 to “Objects ...” eliminates that inconsistency/confusion between them and our general structuring of LN.DO.DA

11 Apr 24 Approval (Editoral)
DataObject are attributes of GenLogicalNodeClass.
This text is therefore correct.
11 Apr 24 Approval (Editoral)
This is hard-coded in the j61850DocBuilder software. I will forward this tissue to the UML TF (modelling task force) to improve/discuss the text in future. 10 Apr 24 Approval (Editoral)
... also change the heading of the second column to "CDC Type" 10 Apr 24 Triage


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