1911   Add release="4" to IEC_61850-7-4_2007B4.nsd

Created: 05 Apr 2024

Status: Approval (N/A)

Part: Part 7-4 (2020; Edition 2.1)


Page: IEC_61850-7-4_2007B4.nsd file

Clause: line 22

Paragraph: line 22


There is bad dependency on the .nsd file in IEC_61850-7-4_2007B4.nsd file, line 22:
<DependsOn id="IEC 61850-7-2" version="2007" revision="B"/>


Add release="4"
<DependsOn id="IEC 61850-7-2" version="2007" revision="B" release="4"/>

Discussion Created Status
Note that DependsOn does not expose a release attribute at all.

NSD.xsd ln 366 default is 1 is for the current nds file, and note about the DependsOn
11 Apr 24 Approval (N/A)
Proposal could be discussed within part 7-7 (schema for NSD).
10 Apr 24 Approval (N/A)
It is a good solution
Maybe some previous settings, when this attribute was introduced, should be changed, eg:
NSD.xsd ln 366 default is 1
<xs:attribute name="release" type="tNSRelease" use="optional" default="1">

If a new release comes out, will all the previous ones be abandoned?
10 Apr 24 Triage
When the release is missing, the "latest" release is meant.
Example: 7-3 nsd requires a change due to a tissue without having to change the 7-4 nsd.
If there is no need to generate and publish a newer 7-4 nsd, while a new 7-3 release is published, then the latest 7-3 is referenced.

Propose to change to NA
09 Apr 24 Triage
now it is:
<DependsOn id="IEC 61850-7-3" version="2007" revision="B"/>
should be:
<DependsOn id="IEC 61850-7-3" version="2007" revision="B" release="4"/>
05 Apr 24 Triage


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