1896   detailQual failure should be more explicit

Created: 27 Nov 2023

Status: Approval (N/A)

Part: Part 7-2 (2020; Edition 2.1)


Page: 200

Clause: Annex D Clarification on usage of quality

Paragraph: Table D.1


In table D.1, if the validity of the quality is invalid, the detailQual can be one or more of the below detailed reasons.
For a protection, for example, a PTOC stage 1, if it is disabled/turned off, the validity of quality for str.general, str.phsA will be invalid, how can the detailQual be set?
The reason for being a little closer may be failure, but it is still not explicit.


As there is no other bit can be used, change detailQual "failure" to "failure or off" seems not a good idea, I expect other's comments.

Discussion Created Status
Per previous comment, this is N/A. 13 Feb 24 Approval (N/A)
Clause D.1 is stating: "The reason for an invalid or questionable value of an attribute MAY be specified in more detail with further quality identifiers."
Being turned off is not equivalent to a failure.
Quality being modified by the LN.Beh does not require setting detail quality.
IEC 61850-7-4 Table A.2 request to set the q.validity to invalid when a LN.Beh is turned off. There is no other requirement to set the detailQuality.
Propose to set to N/A.
19 Dec 23 Triage


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