1875   Introduction text to LGOS/LSVS state machine diagrams

Created: 22 Jun 2023

Status: Approval (Editoral)

Part: Part 7-1 (2020; Edition 2.1)

Links: #1776 Figure number is incorrect

Page: 63 of INF

Clause: 7.8.2

Paragraph: last paragraph on this page


The last sentence on this page refers to state machine diagrams in IEC 61850-7-4. However, these diagrams are included on the next page of this document. They do not exist in Part 7-4.


Modify the introduction text to refer to Figure 80 and Figure 81 of the same document ("below").

Discussion Created Status

Different sequences may be used. However, a state machine diagram can be found in Figure 80 and Figure 81 that describes the different states involved and illustrates the supervision of GOOSE/SV subscription with regards to the active subscription state resp. the subscription to simulated stream. The affected Data Objects are defined in the Logical Nodes LGOS and LSVS in IEC 61850-7-4.
11 Jul 23 Approval (Editoral)
Replace reference to 7-4 with Figures 80 and 81. 11 Jul 23 Approval (Editoral)
Also numbering of the figures (page 64) should be corrected. 22 Jun 23 Triage


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