1868   Remote host IP for RCB

Created: 06 Apr 2023

Status: Not Applicable

Part: Part 7-2 (2020; Edition 2.1)


Page: 93 (Ed. 2.0)


Paragraph: Table 37


During troubleshooting client not getting data from IED issues, it is not visible which client has enabled a particular RCB.


Proposed to include remote_host_ip attribute for BRCB to indicate which remote client has enabled a specific BRCB. Also for cyber security forensic to determine unauthorized client connection/access to the IED. Same goes for URCB.

Discussion Created Status
N/A 28 Nov 23 Not Applicable
Set to Not Applicable.
The BRCB and URCB control block attribute Owner indicates the ip address of the owning client - see IEC6185-7-2 Ed2.1 -, and IEC61850-8-1 17-1-2

Additionally, the tracking DataObject BrcbTrk, UrcbTrk also allow to track access to the report control block instances.
BrcbTrk and UrcbTrk will track the services SetB/URCBValues + the Orginitator of the SetB/URCBValues + the result (success, failure) so that it is possible to see what client is interacting with which report control block instance.
02 May 23 Approval (N/A)


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