1830   multiple AccessPoints in case of proxy functionality

Created: 12 Jul 2022

Status: Not Applicable

Part: Part 7-1 (2020; Edition 2.1)


Page: 72

Clause: 8.2.3 Gateways and proxies

Paragraph: Figure 47


Figure 47 describes the mapping concept for the proxy functionality with only one AccessPoint.

If there are more than one AccessPoint are available, there is no description/example how it should be mapped.
I think the described example is not working in this case, because the "LDevice@inst" must be unique inside the IED


1.) Please decribe the naming concept in case of multiple accesspoints

2.) Replace "LDevice.inst must be unique in the IED" due "LDevice.inst must be unique in the IED.Accesspoint resp. IED.Server"

Discussion Created Status
Possibly discuss in TS IEC 61850-80-6 28 Nov 23 Not Applicable
The naming concept has no relevance to accesspoints. The naming is relevant to the model, the access point defines services available on each communications interface to the model.
28 Feb 23 Approval (N/A)
The tissue is not clear if it addresses multiple accesspoints of a server, or multiple servers in an IED having each single access point.
In case 1) (server with multiple access point) there is no problem
In case 2) why would a gateway proxy the same device using different device model?
The best place for discussing the issue is probably the TF IEC 61850-80-6 that is specifying the IEC 61850 gateway architecture and associated configuration use cases.
02 Aug 22 Triage


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