1801   Typo in "GetEditSGValue" and "SetEditSGValue"

Created: 03 Dec 2021

Status: Editorial

Part: Part 7-2 (2020; Edition 2.1)

Links: #1800 Typo in "GetEditSGValue" and "SetEditSGValue"

Page: 31

Clause: 5.7

Paragraph: Table 4


The services "GetEditSGValue" and "SetEditSGValue" shall be written without "s" at the end (cf. part 7-2 NSD).


Modify "GetEditSGValues" and "SetEditSGValues" to "GetEditSGValue" and "SetEditSGValue".

Table 4 is the only occurrence in this document. All other references to these services are written without "s".

Discussion Created Status
Approve Editorial 09 Feb 22 Editorial
Move to accepted Editorial 07 Dec 21 Approval (Editoral)
I agree. Propose to set the tissue to Editorial 06 Dec 21 Triage


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