1792   Mandatory Support of LGOS/LSVS

Created: 23 Sep 2021

Status: Not Applicable

Part: Part 7-1 (2020; Edition 2.1)

Links: #1741 LGOS/LSVS - Become Top Level Logical Nodes

Page: 54


Paragraph: 4


There are no mandatory requirements for GOOSE and/or SV subscribers to support LGOS and/or LSVS. The only mandatory requirement is for LGOS/LSVS to be instantiated on a per subscription basis, however some it is optional to support LGOS/LSVS. Mandatory support for LGOS/LSVS is critical to having a comprehensive GOOSE/SV supervision scheme.


This was initially raised on 7-4 via TISSUE 1741 and marked as "N/A". Comment states "It seems that this tissue is not related to part 7-4. I propose ApprovalNotApplicable. Maybe it shall be discussed in part 7-1 or part 6."

A device that has GOOSE/SV subscription capabilities, shall also be capable of supervising these subscriptions and exchanging this information via MMS reports, MMS logs, and/or GOOSE.

Discussion Created Status
Approved Not Applicable 09 Feb 22 Not Applicable
As it was required, technical issue has been discussed today in TF Communication Supervision teleconference (12 attendees).
TF Group agrees that LGOS/LSVS should be strongly recommended to be implemented in the IED and end user shall be able to require GOOSE and SV supervision as part of his specification in SCL. TF BAP should address it.
TF Group agrees to not make LGOS and LSVS mandatory in the standard.
16 Dec 21 Approval (N/A)
As agreed by TF Comm Supervision (16 Dec 21), this issue is best handled by BAP requirement. 16 Dec 21 Approval (N/A)
Allow me to clarify:
1. What applications would GOOSE/SV supervision be "unacceptable". We cannot foresee ANY application where it is unacceptable. In any event if supervision is not required, the user does not need to instantiate LGOS/LSVS, but it should always be available.
2. As noted in the proposal, LGOS/LSVS information may be exchanged using GOOSE, and may also very much applicable to centralized protection. Please de-couple LGOS/LSVS from MMS server functionalities. Although it is common to report LGOS/LSVS via MMS, however it is not the only option.
3. Specification of LGOS/LSVS via BAPs/ISDs is a separate. Mandatory parts of the data model (including LNs) work in conjunction with BAPs/ISDs. For example, there are mandatory requirements to support LPHD/LLN0, which is different than how to specify an application scheme (BAP) and/or IED specification (ISD) that uses these. Agreed, the LGSO/LSVS will be included in BAPs/ISDs, which users can be assured these LNs are supported in the IED (similar to LPHD/LLN0) to realize their application scheme(s).
24 Sep 21 Triage
LGOS and LSVS are required for some applications but are not acceptable for others. Therefore, this is a BAP and user/purchasing requirement and not a requirement for the core standards.

As a first, simple, example - this proposal would require that every GOOSE publisher expose an MMS server, which is obviously not possible.

It might be possible to require that a device which is a server and a publisher provide the optional capability to supervise, but not to expose as that has implications on the SCT - so what device is being tested?. That would be very complex to define for testing. Even the optional capability, in my opinion, is too much to require in the core standard.

Fully support LGOS/LSVS as a BAP requirement.

24 Sep 21 Triage


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