1756   Event driven schedules – Extend description

Created: 16 Feb 2021

Status: Future Improvement

Part: Part 7-4 (2020; Edition 2.1)

Links: #1755 Event driven schedules – Add DO to stop schedule by event

Page: 482

Clause: K.2.4

Paragraph: Second bullet list


1. Text needs to describe what “external trigger” means regarding locally modelled event respective event modelled in another IED.

2. Text needs to describe behavior of new DO InSynStop


The following last but one bullet of the second list „There are variants in the usage of a schedule“:

• A schedule may start running based on an external trigger, In such case it is said “event driven”

should be replaced by:

• A schedule may start running or stop running based on external trigger, in such case it is said “event driven”.
Note: An external trigger may be modelled as an event located (1) in the same IED as the schedule or (2) in another IED. In both cases the CDC ORG is used to reference the event according to (1) or (2). In case (1) there is no need of a communication service to communicate the event. Case (2) requires a GOOSE or Report service to communicate the event.

[it is recommended to add such a description in IEC 61850-7-5 and/or IEC 61850-7-1]

Add a new bullet directly after the above bullet:

• An external trigger (InSyn and InSynStop) shall be of type BOOLEAN. The transitions (False to True) shall be used to trigger the start of a schedule (InSyn) or the stop of a schedule (InSynStop). The transitions (True to False) shall be ignored. In an application of these triggers the semantic of the event should be described.

Discussion Created Status
Approve 11 Oct 22 Future Improvement
Change to future improvement.

Moved to IEC 61850 User Feedback Task Force (https://redmine.ucaiug.org/issues/3099). There this tissue will be continued.
10 Aug 21 Approval (Future Improvement)
Next stage: discussion 23 Feb 21 Discussion (red)
The DO InSyn and InSynStop are modeled as CDC=ORG. But it is right, they shall reference to DO with DA stVal of type boolean. 16 Feb 21 Accepted


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