1747   Incorrect Attribute type of TrgOp

Created: 20 Jan 2021

Status: Future Improvement

Part: Part 7-2 (2020; Edition 2.1)


Page: 75

Clause: 12.3.2

Paragraph: Table 51


According to Table 51, attribute "TrgOp" has type "TrgOpKind".
But 61850-7-2 (and its NSD file) hasn't got any enumeration with name "TrgOpKind".


Add Attribute type "TrgOpKind" (enumeration).

Discussion Created Status
Redmine WG10FutureWork issue created:

13 Sep 22 Future Improvement
Approve future improvement 20 Jul 21 Future Improvement
7-2 may add enumeration, but it will not be referenced by the UML model.

To be considered in future revision.
16 Feb 21 Approval (Future Improvement)
You are right, as long as meta-model properties are not used in the GUI or in extended validation rules. 12 Feb 21 Triage
We may introduce an enumeration with the following values
data-change or data-update

NSD did not implement trigger option as an enumeration, but as individual trigger option true/false as it is the way chosen part SCL DataTypeTemplate since Ed1.

I propose to turn to future improvement, as there is no technical impact and such an enumeration is only used within the metamodel definition, not distributed as machine processable format.
11 Feb 21 Triage


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