1736   ASN1 Structure

Created: 16 Nov 2020

Status: Accepted

Part: Part 8-2 (2018)


Page: 78

Clause: Figure 31

Paragraph: 12.3.1


The ‘AccessResult’ component couldn’t be inserted in ASN1 generated files (See IEC 61850 8-2 Figure 31)


In our implementation, we replaced “listOfAccessResult AccessResult success ” by a correct ASN1 structure “listOfAccessResult success ”

Discussion Created Status
Review and correct/clarify document text 07 Nov 23 Accepted
Unclear what the issue is.
I suppose that the issue is related to Figure 32 (not Figure 31).
Looking at the definition of xsd:element name=listOfAccessResult - this is a sequence of AccessResult. Each AccessResult is either a success or failure.
The Figure 32 is conformant to the schema "IEC61850-8-2.xsd".

23 Mar 23 Triage
No more 16 Nov 20 Triage


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