1700   LN XFFL

Created: 18 Jun 2020

Status: Triage

Part: Part 7-410 (2012; Edition 2, Hydro Power)


Page: 48

Clause: 5.12.2

Paragraph: 1


LN XFFL hasn't got any Controls


First of all, why https://iec61850.tissue-db.com/ hasn't got a part for 7-410 ed. 2.1?
(All info above - Page 48, Clause 5.12.2, Paragraph 1 - is for 7-410 ed. 2.1)

According to 7-410 ed. 2.1: "Logical node XFFL shall be used to represent the control of a switching equipement used for
initial excitation (field flashing) of a generator."

But why LN XFFL hasn't got any Controls? At least DO Pos like XCBR.

Discussion Created Status
Can anybody explain it? 21 Oct 20 Triage


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