1682   ITCI.Alm description text

Created: 11 Mar 2020

Status: Editorial

Part: Part 7-4 (2020; Edition 2.1)


Page: 184

Clause: 6.8.5

Paragraph: Table 81


The description text of ITCI.Alm „If true, safety alarm trigger status n is active.“ appears to be mistaken. ITCI.Alm is not linked to safety issues.


Propose to modify the description text of ITCI.Alm to „If true, alarm trigger status n is active.“

Also to be modified in Table 209.

Discussion Created Status
Change is included in the UMLmodel now. When we publish the new NSD, it will be there. 13 Apr 21 Editorial
I agree. 17 Jun 20 Editorial
Accepted as editorial improvement.

Can we include that in the model now, such that whenever we need to issue a new NSD due to an interoperability issue, it will be available?
17 Jun 20 Editorial
Agree, editorial improvement. 24 Mar 20 Approval (Editoral)
Question to experts: should we follow the "editorial" path or it is rather a tiisue for the normal path and "low-hanging-fruit" and easy to change in NSD , having no impact in testing?

20 Mar 20 Discussion (red)
This tissue is accepted. In IEC 61850-7-4 ed.2 (2010) the semantic description of Alm has no safety in mind. It seems, this is a copy-paste error from the early days of UML modelling.

Proposal should be implemented and published in 7-4 NSD asap.
11 Mar 20 Accepted


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