1670   Turbine type TrbTyp enum value Pump-turbine is defined inconsistent

Created: 31 Jan 2020

Status: Triage

Part: Part 7-410 (2012; Edition 2, Hydro Power)


Page: 30

Clause: 5.6.26

Paragraph: HTUR settings


Turbine logical node HTUR has the turbine type setting TrbTyp on page 30. The last enumeration value is defined with the string Pump-Turbine with an upper case T. In clause 6 on page 53 is defined the data name TrbTyp with the integer values and with last enumeration string value Pump-turbine with a lower case t. Hydro-Québec creates SCL files with the string Pump-turbine while applications based on IEC 61850 code of Triangle MicroWorks published prior 2020 create and parse SCL files with the string Pump-Turbine. A warning is the result on SCL parsing because of this inconsistent string definition.


The last enumeration value of setting TrbTyp in table of logical node HTUR in clause 5.6.26 should be written as Pump-turbine with a lower case t as defined in clause 6. It is common that only the first letter of an enumeration string value is in upper case.

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