1665   XSD GetVariableAccessResponse/TypeSpecification

Created: 30 Aug 2019

Status: Not Applicable

Part: Part 8-2 (2018)


Page: 242

Clause: Annex G.3



Why is binaryTime of type Boolean (BOOLEAN_2) in TypeSpecification of the XML schema of the applicative payload for IEC 61850-8-2?


Discussion Created Status
On behalf of B. Bony
This is compliant with the asn.1 definition of MMS which specifies that the element binary-time of the element TypeSpecification is of type IMPLICIT BOOLEAN. The generation tool used for transforming the asn.1 into XSD has generated multiple XSD definitions for the asn1 BOOLEAN type, but this doesn’t affect the XML messages.
11 Sep 19 Not Applicable


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