1626   PICs For Information Report is incorrect

Created: 04 Apr 2018

Status: In Force (green)

Part: Part 8-1 (2011; Edition 2)

Links: #1629 PICS tables have incorrect entries , #1181 Conformance requirement for InformationReport Ambiguous

Page: 124


Paragraph: Table 111

Category: Issue for edition 2 of this part


The PICs for InformationReport are incorrect for InformationReport. MMS specifies that for Unconfirmed Services, the ServicesSupported CBB bit shall indicate the ability to receive a MMS indication (e.g. a Request being received). This means that the bit should represent the ability to receive an InformationReport, not send one.

The PICs for Client/Server regarding InformationReport refers to a conditional c7. c7 states: Shall be 'm' if support for ACSI Report or ACSI command termination is declare. A Server need not set the CBB if it only sends an InformationReport therefore it is incorrect.


Change the Client InformationReport conditional to: "shall be 'm' if support for receive Report or ControlModel direct control with normal security, direct control with enhanced security, SBO control with enhanced security is declared."

For Server: Instead of c7 change to 'o' for optional.

Please note that this needs to be addressed in Amm.1 as well.

Discussion Created Status
ballot date expired.
tutrn to green.
Final proposal applies already to Ed2.
05 Nov 18 In Force (green)
Final Proposal:
For Server: Instead of c7 change to 'o' for optional.
For Client: see #1181
28 Jun 18 Ballot Period
I agree with the proposal.
The tissue would also superseed tissue resolution #1181 for the server.
The interpretation at the client is aligned with #1181.
16 Apr 18 Discussion (red)


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