1374   On-blocked Mode & Quality

Created: 22 Apr 2015

Status: Not Applicable

Part: Part 7-4 (2010; Edition 2)

Links: #1331 Mod, Beh and Health with q=TEST, client can't receive their states , #1330 proposal in tissue 830 seems not consistent with 7-3 Ed2

Page: 157

Clause: Annex A


Category: No impact on this part


In tissues 1330 a proposal has been accepted:
if a data is frozen by operator so operatorBlocked shall be True, identifier "oldData" shall be set and quality has to be "questionable". But if "On-blocked" mode is set for protection node, then shall output values be update, shall detailQual be set to "oldData" and validity of status objects be set to "questionable"?


Identifier "oldData" and quality "questionable" will be set if attribute blkEna is used.

Discussion Created Status
To comment to issues of annex A, ModBeh-tabel, please use tissue #1331.
Statement "processed as questionable" belongs to the receiving signal with quality=operatorBlocked. The process can not be as validity=good. The decision that the output to process is blocked comes from the Beh=blocked or test/blocked.
If you want to block just one protection function (Trip to XCBR), a separate PTRC has to be used. Another PTRC instance can be used for the other (active) protection function.
In the coming part 61850-7-500 examples of the use of this concept shall be provided.
21 Jul 15 Not Applicable
There are many discussions about this table.
The cited sentence has been corrected by tissue#712. But there is still an ongoing discussion about table A.2. Soon a new version will be published here. WG10 prepares an new revision of part 7-4 what summarize the tissues.
22 Apr 15 Not Applicable
IEC61850-7-4 Annex A says if Mode is set "On-Blocked" then "Data objects will be transmitted with quality "operatorBlocked". But must output values save previous condition and identifier oldData and validity questionable be set? 22 Apr 15 Not Applicable
In your example are only possible:
q.validity=questionable & q.operatorBlocked=true (+oldData)
q.validity=good & q.operatorBlocked=false.
Data with these qualities can be received by LN in on, blocked, test, test-blocked...
22 Apr 15 Not Applicable
So may incoming data with q=operatorBlocked means validity=good (not questionable) AND test=False AND operatorBlocked=True when On-blocked mode is used? 22 Apr 15 Not Applicable
The freezing of data by blocking is always done via blkEna. This is indicated with quality questionable and detailled quality operatorBlocked, oldData. The behavior on-blocked and test-blocked will block hard wired outputs and have no effect on data objects and their quality. 22 Apr 15 Not Applicable


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