1770   Enumeration TransientPerformanceClassKind

Created: 17 Mar 2021

Status: Conformance Test Preparation

Part: Part 7-4 (2020; Edition 2.1)

Links: #1767 Different presence condition of LN TCTR in amd2.1 and consolidated version

Page: 450

Clause: 7.2.54 and 6.15.4

Paragraph: table 262 and 166


In table 262 enumeration item TPS has been changed in IEC 61869 to TPM (after publish IEC 61850-7-4 amd2.1). The reference in the note, above table 262, covers not all enum items. In other parts of the IEC 61869 series more transient performance classes are decribed.


Change note to:
NOTE Transient Performance Class refers to IEC 61869.

Deprecate enum item TPS.
Add a new enum item TPM , value 11.

Change presence condition MOcond(6) in subclause 6.15.4 to:
MOcond(6): if used for TPE or TPM rated device (see IEC 61869).

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Discussion Created Status
Next step is to prepare/change conformance tests if necessary. 07 Jun 21 Conformance Test Preparation
Analysis of compatibility:
Corresponds to
UC14: Extend existing Enumeration List with an Enumerated value -->TPS
UC16: Deprecation of an Enumerated Value -> TPM

Conclusion: no compatibility issues!
04 Jun 21 Analysis Of Compatibility
Reg. tissue #1767: Added the changed presence condition MOcond(6) of ScndTmms. The presence condition will be changed in amendment accordingly. 14 Apr 21 Verify Draft Implementation
Change to verify draft implementation - see annex 13 Apr 21 Verify Draft Implementation
Agree to the proposed changes (assuming it cannot be done as editorial change/correction of TPS to TPM, hence deprecation and new item is really needed).
18 Mar 21 Accepted


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