1770   Enumeration TransientPerformanceClassKind

Created: 17 Mar 2021

Status: Solution Accepted

Part: Part 7-4 (2020; Edition 2.1)

Links: #1767 Different presence condition of LN TCTR in amd2.1 and consolidated version

Page: 450

Clause: 7.2.54 and 6.15.4

Paragraph: table 262 and 166


In table 262 enumeration item TPS has been changed in IEC 61869 to TPM (after publish IEC 61850-7-4 amd2.1). The reference in the note, above table 262, covers not all enum items. In other parts of the IEC 61869 series more transient performance classes are decribed.


Change note to:
NOTE Transient Performance Class refers to IEC 61869.

Deprecate enum item TPS.
Add a new enum item TPM , value 11.

Change presence condition MOcond(6) in subclause 6.15.4 to:
MOcond(6): if used for TPE or TPM rated device (see IEC 61869).

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Discussion Created Status
Typo in compatibility analysis: TPM/TPS
Correct is:

UC14: Extend existing Enumeration List with an Enumerated value -->TPM
UC16: Deprecation of an Enumerated Value -> TPS

But no disagreement in ballot period, so solution is accepted.
02 Aug 21 Solution Accepted
Starting ballot period 30 Jun 21 Ballot Period
No change to test procedures needed except reference to new NSD file during batching process. This might only be an error in the consolidated document. 30 Jun 21 Conformance Test Verification
Next step is to prepare/change conformance tests if necessary. 07 Jun 21 Conformance Test Preparation
Analysis of compatibility:
Corresponds to
UC14: Extend existing Enumeration List with an Enumerated value -->TPS
UC16: Deprecation of an Enumerated Value -> TPM

Conclusion: no compatibility issues!
04 Jun 21 Analysis Of Compatibility
Reg. tissue #1767: Added the changed presence condition MOcond(6) of ScndTmms. The presence condition will be changed in amendment accordingly. 14 Apr 21 Verify Draft Implementation
Change to verify draft implementation - see annex 13 Apr 21 Verify Draft Implementation
Agree to the proposed changes (assuming it cannot be done as editorial change/correction of TPS to TPM, hence deprecation and new item is really needed).
18 Mar 21 Accepted


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