1769   When beh=On, result of command with test=true not clear

Created: 16 Mar 2021

Status: Solution Accepted

Part: Part 7-4 (2020; Edition 2.1)


Page: 454

Clause: Annex A

Paragraph: 2


Paragraph 2 indicates that the communication services for the data object Mod do not care about the status of the Beh of the LN, i.e. Mod will always accept commands with Test=false.

Table A.1 says that control commands with Test=true will be rejected when Beh=On.

In the case when Beh=On, if a control with test=true is issued to change the value of Mod, will the device perform the control?


Since Mod is a special case, operations on Mod should be clarified. The case when test=true needs to be specified.

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Discussion Created Status
Solution is accepted. 02 Aug 21 Solution Accepted
Starting ballot period 30 Jun 21 Ballot Period
No change to test procedures is needed.
See https://redmine.ucaiug.org/issues/650
30 Jun 21 Conformance Test Verification
Next step is to prepare/change conformance tests if necessary. 07 Jun 21 Conformance Test Preparation
Improvement/clarification of explanantion.
Conclusion: no compatibility issues!
04 Jun 21 Analysis Of Compatibility
Change to Verify Draft Implementation 13 Apr 21 Verify Draft Implementation
Add statement in Annex A: "The value of the test flag in the control command for Mod (Mod.Operate.test attribute) shall be ignored." 12 Apr 21 Drafting Implementation
Agree to include the statement as normative. 07 Apr 21 Discussion (red)
I support the proposal in principle. But this can not be added as a Note, as it contains a "shall" requirement. So it needs to be added in the plain text of the Annex. 07 Apr 21 Discussion (red)
In UCA Ed2.1 server test sCtl5 the handling is described. In this testing procedure a note clearly states: "The Mod.Operate.Test attribute value shall be ignored by the DUT (device under test).."

I suggest to add this note to annex A of part 7-4: The value of the test flag in the control command of Mod (Mod.Operate.test attribute) shall be ignored.
07 Apr 21 Discussion (red)
This is already tested in UCA Ed2.1 server test sCtl5 step 2:
Test Description: LN.Beh = on and client sends correct Mod control command with test flag set (when supported)
Expected result: Control commands are accepted and executed
17 Mar 21 Accepted
Question is valid for clarification.

I would propose an additional note in annex A to make clear, that DO Mod ignores a test flag (true or false) in the command to change Beh.
That means independent on Beh, Mod.ctlVal can be sent with or without test flag.

Any objections? Should it be an editorial tissue? Has it any conflict with testing prcedures?
17 Mar 21 Accepted


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