1767   Different presence condition of LN TCTR in amd2.1 and consolidated version

Created: 15 Mar 2021

Status: Duplicate

Part: Part 7-4 (2020; Edition 2.1)

Links: #1770 Enumeration TransientPerformanceClassKind

Page: 264/319

Clause: 6.15.4

Paragraph: 2


The presence conditions of TCTR in amendment 2.1 and in the consolidated version are different. The presence condition in the consolidated version is correct.


Correct the second paragraph in section 6.15.4 in amendment of part 7-4 2.1 by:
MOcond(6): if used for TPE or TPS rated device."

Discussion Created Status
Closed Duplicate. TISSUE is handled as 1770 08 Apr 21 Duplicate
This tissue will be closed here and will be handeled under #1770. Presence conditions in amendment and in the consolidated version shall be the same. 07 Apr 21 WGApprovalDuplicate
Change to status Discussion. 07 Apr 21 Discussion (red)


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