1722   ClcNxtTmms common data class

Created: 06 Oct 2020

Status: Solution Accepted

Part: Part 7-4 (2020; Edition 2.1)


Page: 67


Paragraph: Table 6


IN definition of Data objects of StatisticsLN ClcNxtTmms is defined as INS in status section, but in all other places (where this information is marked as inherited form StatiscicsLN) has CDC ING and is in settings section.


Explanation given in annex F paragraph F.3.2.3 indicates that should be rather a status information.

Discussion Created Status
Solution is accepted. 02 Aug 21 Solution Accepted
Verified 18 Jun 21 Ballot Period
No change needed to test procedures. NSD is already correct. 08 Jun 21 Conformance Test Verification
Next step is to prepare/change conformance tests if necessary. 07 Jun 21 Conformance Test Preparation
No change in NSD and in consolidated INF version. Correct discrepancy with amendment.
Error in amendment corresponds with UC F10, change of CDC (ING ->INS).
Backward compatibility is achievable.
Conclusion: In NSD no compatibility issue!
04 Jun 21 Analysis Of Compatibility
Implementation in IEC 61850-7-4 amendment 2.1:
Change CDC of data object ClcNxtTmms from ING to INS in all LNclassses.

Implementation in IEC 61850-7-4 ed.2.1 Consolidated Version:
Change CDC of data object ClcNxtTmms from ING to INS in all LNclassses (except abstract StatisticsLN).

Description texts for ClcNxtTmms keep unchanged. NSD keeps unchanged. Both are correct.
05 Nov 20 Verify Draft Implementation
As it is correct in the nsd file, I agree that we should clarify this with the Amd 2.

We can move to drafting implementation
04 Nov 20 Drafting Implementation
Change CDC of ClcNxtTmms in all LN from ING to INS. The abstract LN StatisticsLN is right.
Should be part of amd2.2 because it is already in NSD 2007B
22 Oct 20 Discussion (red)
Tissue accepted. 22 Oct 20 Accepted


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