1705   LN's for modelling the non 61850 Master and slave devices

Created: 17 Jul 2020

Status: Not Applicable

Part: Part 7-4 (2020; Edition 2.1)


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As the IEC 61850 is getting adopted across various industries, there is a need for LN's that describe the behavior, health, etc., of the non 61850 slave and master devices that communicates to IED.

For Example, in the Solar PV controller the process devices communicate over Modbus or Fieldbus protocols. Here the IED acts as a Master for other protocols and transfer the data (processed or nonprocessed) over 61850 to HMI. How we can model and communicate the slave health over 61850?


Maybe we should have a standardized LN's for Master & Slave

Discussion Created Status
I agree that the health of the non 61850 device can be expressed using the proxy concept described in 7-1. 27 Oct 20 Not Applicable
As suggested , change to n/a 31 Aug 20 WGApprovalNotApplicable
The related definition of proxy is given in part 7-1 ed.2.1, section 8.2.3.
Part 2 (glossary) could also be a place for a good definition of proxy.
28 Jul 20 Triage
There has been a lot of discussion in IEEE concerning the use of the word "master" and "slave", considered by some as offensive. It turned out that the usage of these words was often not well defined, in the sense that a slave was a communication device that only react to commands of a master device and never starts a communication spontaneously, while other definitions related to the logical function of "controlled" device or "synchronized" device. What is the exact meaning in the context of "proxy" here? 28 Jul 20 Triage
I would agree with Henry - the part 7-1 explains hw we can use the concept of the proxy to model data from non IEC 61850 devices. 27 Jul 20 Triage
I would reference IEC 61850-7-1. Sections 8.2.3. and 8.2.4 show the use of proxy LD and EEHealth. 20 Jul 20 Triage
If the IED is a Master it could use an Ixxx Logical Node to represent the Slave. EEHealth of the Ixxxx node could indicate the Slave Health. 20 Jul 20 Triage


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