1698   AnOut in GAPC

Created: 11 Jun 2020

Status: Future Improvement

Part: Part 7-4 (2020; Edition 2.1)


Page: 174

Clause: 6.7.2

Paragraph: Table 74


There is no provision to perform Analog Point Control using GAPC, which can be used to control the internal analog setpoints


Add a new data object AnOut of type APC to Logical Node GAPC

Discussion Created Status
Future improvement accepted 13 Jul 20 Future Improvement
Changed to state "WGApprovalFutureImprovement" 08 Jul 20 WGApprovalFutureImprovement
We should consider if the neeeded functionality is already modelled in other LNs, e.g. LN FSPT (setpoint controller). Not everything shall be included in GAPC. The tissue could go to "future improvement", without a decision today, that a solution will be considered in edition 3 like the tissue proposes. 17 Jun 20 Accepted
Is that a worthwhile improvement that we need to do through a TISSUE or will it be future improvement?

If we agree that it is required for some control, we should consider it as worthwhile improvement and we can move it forward to discussion.
17 Jun 20 Accepted
This tissue is accepted. It should be discussed also in WG10 TF "Control between functions". 11 Jun 20 Accepted


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