1681   LActTm representation is not actual

Created: 06 Mar 2020

Status: Accepted

Part: Part 7-2 (2020; Edition 2.1)


Page: 72

Clause: 16.1

Paragraph: Table 61

Issue: The explanation for LActTm is as follows:

"Time when the last service SelectActiveSG has been processed successfully"

This means that updating this attribute is only related to the SelectActSG service.
However, in fact, switching of setting group can also occur in ways that are outside of this standard (for example., using a switch connected to the digital inputs). Obviously, in such cases, the ActSG attribute should also change, but the LActTm timestamp will remain the same, continuing representing a time of the last SelectActiveSG service result.
I think this attribute would be more useful from a practical point of view if it represents the actual switching time of the active setting group.

Proposal: Expand the explanation so that LActTm should change whenever the ActSG attribute actually changes.

Discussion Created Status
I think the proposal is very pertinent. 06 Mar 20 Accepted


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