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2022-03-15 - Added Subscription and UI Improvements

The tissue database has been updated to improve the usability of the tissue database (for computers and mobile phones) and to fix some minor issues.

The following functions have been added recently:

  • Manage your personal subscriptions to get weekly notifications on changes to tissues and comments. The second column of the Overview shows a bell icon 🔔 that can be used to select your preferences. The bell in the header can be used to select and deselect all parts. Each part can individually be selected and deselected.
    For each selected part a weekly notification will be sent to the personalized user.
    The notifications for new technical issues is still the same as before (at the time of posting a tissue).
  • The button "Tissues By Status" filters for the status, select the status you want to see.
  • The button "Show All Parts" toggles between all current and all (current and withdrawn) parts.

2021-11-12 - TISSUEs in force

First "batch" of tissues released. Details: 57_2445e_INF.pdf"

2020-02-13 - Updated Tissue process

We have updated the Tissue process.

From the origins of IEC 61850 it was recognized that a responsive process was needed to address errors or omissions in the Standard which are likely to cause interoperability problems between devices on the market which have been validated against the appropriate conformance test procedures.

The TISSUE process has been a vital part of the development of IEC 61850. However, it has been recognized that a more formal process would be of value to the market, industry, and community in order to reduce the number of interpretations required to understand tissue resolution. At the same time, the IEC is recognizing that additional standards need a faster revision process, and the TISSUE process of IEC 61850 is seen as a likely model.

This document aims to provide a comprehensive description of the process and the responsibilities of each user

2015-11-01 - Updated Tissue process

We have updated the Tissue process slightly.

2007-07-31 - Part IEC 61850-7-410

IEC 61850-7-410 Ed.1:
Communication networks and systems for power utility automation -
Part 7- 410: Hydroelectric power plants - Communication for monitoring and control

has been approved as an International Standard in July 2007.

The Tissue Database for IEC 61850 has been extended by an entry for this new part. The objective is to collect all tissues (technical issues) for this new part under a single entry point.

The process is the same as for the other parts.

2007-07-31 - Comments on official CDs and CDVs

Please not that the comments on the official IEC committee drafts for parts 6, 7-2, 7-3, 7-4 and 8 should not go into the tissue database! The database is intended for the standards only! The comments on CDs and CDVs are to submitted officially through NCs of the IEC TC 57.


Everybody can sort the list of tissues with regard to Page, Clause, and Paragraph. E.g.: for all tissues of 7-2:

Click on Page, Clause or Paragraph ... click again ...

To efficiently use the sorting function we have to add/correct the values of these fields in some cases:

- Page 13 should be 013

- Clause 2.3. should be 02.3


Proposers of tissues, that are not members of the editors' group can now comment on the tissues and the ongoing discussion.

Once logged in (as a non-editor) you may enter a comment and send it to the editors group. One of the editors must accept that comment and approve it for beeing posted as a visible comment for that tissue (the comment may be publically visible or not). The name of the proposer of the comment is visible as well as which editor approved the inclusion.


The Tissue process .

The Editors' Group of IEC 61850


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