991   LGOS: GoCBRef (as well as LSVS.SvCBRef) should be mandatory

Created: 06 Feb 2013

Status: In Force (green)

Part: Part 7-4 (2010; Edition 2)


Page: 25

Clause: 5.3.6


Category: Issue may impact interoperability of implementations of Edition 2


The idea is that the system configuration tool engineers the LGOS instances (it can even create instances, see the SupSubscription capability described in Part 6).

Thus, the information about which LGOS is monitoring which GoCB should be provided to the IED tool. The DO GoCBRef is meant to hold that information, however it is only optional in LGOS. It should be mandatory.

The same applies to LSVS (DO SvCBRef).


Discussion Created Status
03 May 13 In Force (green)
Agree. Set to final proposal. 22 Mar 13 Ballot Period
I as well support that proposal 19 Feb 13 Discussion (red)
I support that proposal because GoCBRef is essential for the function of this LN. 06 Feb 13 Discussion (red)


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