972   MMET altitude data

Created: 10 Jan 2013

Status: Future Improvement

Part: Part 7-4 (2010; Edition 2)


Page: 55


Paragraph: 5.10.8

Category: Issue for edition 3 of this part


Logical nodes classes for meterological WMET in IEC 61400-25-2 and MMET in IEC 61850-7-4 are very similar but WMET also includes at data object to identify the altitude where the measurement is taken. Adding this information to the MMET logical node would make it possible to remove the WMET class and use multiple instances of MMET for modelling a metmast with measurements taken at different levels.
The altitude data is necessary in MMET because the sensors themselves are not available but only the measured values.


Add data object Alt (MV) with explanation "Altitude of measurement sensor".

Discussion Created Status
11 Dec 13 Future Improvement
Extent the data model with the DO Alt (MV) (Altitude of measurement sensor at MSL(mean sea level)). If this is not correct, please clarify. 06 Mar 13 Discussion (red)
I would support that proposal. This would be a important step for the harmonization of 61850 with 61400. 10 Jan 13 Discussion (red)


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