963   Mandatory DO for LLN0

Created: 23 Dec 2012

Status: Not Applicable

Part: Part 7-4 (2010; Edition 2)


Page: 24

Clause: 5.3.4


Category: No impact on this part


According to this clause:
"LLN0 contains common information for the LD like health, mode and beh and NamPlt."
However these DO are not listed.

Previously the Common LN in 7-4 Ed1 clause 5.3.3 included Beh, Health, Mod and Namplt as Mandatory
Only Beh is Mandatory in 7-4 Ed2 cl 5.3.4 Common section with the others listed as Conditional and inherited from the LLNO

It therefore seems to be totally clear that we need to specifically include Health, Mod and NamPlt as Mandatory in LLN0


Add Mod, Health and NamPlt as Mandatory DO in LLN0

Discussion Created Status
so as explained above, this means that it is not mandatory for all LLN0, but only for the one at the root. 03 Jan 13 Not Applicable
Please look the Common LN definition of 7-4 Ed2 (clause 5.3.3 starting page 22). Health, Mod and NamPlt have condition C1 which is later in the table (page 23) defined to mean:
"Condition C1: Mod, Health and NamPlt shall be inherited by LLN0 of the root LD of a hierarchy as mandatory and by all other LN as optional.".
The "root LD of a hierarchy" refers to the possibility to have LDs inside LD while in Ed1 only "flat" LD structure was possible (all LDs are root LDs in Ed1).
03 Jan 13 Triage


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