912   Clarification of PwrRtg/VARtg

Created: 24 Aug 2012

Status: In Force (green)

Part: Part 7-4 (2010; Edition 2)





Category: Issue may impact interoperability of implementations of Edition 2


In several LNs DOs for rated power are modelled. But it have been named not correctly or the descrption is not correct.
YPTR PwrRtg for apparent power; ZGEN PwrRtg - in the description is missing "active"; in ZGEN is missing VARtg - rated apparent power; ZSMC PwrRtg - Rated apparent power [VA] - wrong, add Rated active power.


Change name YPTR.PwrRtg to YPTR.VARtg.
Change description of ZGEN.PwrRtg from Rated power to Rated active power.
Add DO ZGEN.VARtg (optional)(ASG) Rated apparent power
Change description of ZSMC.PwrRtg from Rated apparent power [VA] to Rated active power.
Add DO ZSMC.VARtg (optional)(ASG) Rated apparent power.

Discussion Created Status
Proposal solution category is changed back to "Interop ed2", except the issue to add DO ZSMC.WRtg (ASG, optional, Rated active power). This DO will be proposed in a new tissue wih category "Issue for edition 2 of this part" =Next revision v2.1. 17 Sep 14 In Force (green)
Proposal is accepted. Will be considered in the next version of part 7-4. 19 Dec 12 In Force (green)
Change to following DO:
- ZGEN.PwrRtg --> ZGEN.WRtg (change description to "Rated active power")
- ZGEN.VARtg --> change the description to "Rated apparent power"
- ZGEN.DmdPwr --> ZGEN.DmdW (change description to "Demanded active power")
- ZGEN.ReactPwrR --> ZGEN.VArR
- ZGEN.ReactPwrL --> ZGEN.VArL
- ZSMC.PwrRtg --> ZSMC.VARtg
- add ZSMC.WRtg (ASG, optional, Rated active power)
- YPTR.MaxPwrSpt --> YPTR.MaxVASpt (change description to "Maximum permissible permanent power (overload)"
- YPTR.PwrRtg --> YPTR.VARtg (Change description to "Rated apparent power")
- YPTR.MaxPwr --> YPTR.MaxVA (change description to "Calculated maximum permissible permanent power (overload)")
07 Nov 12 Discussion (red)
consider as well to change in LN ZGEN from ReactPwrR / ReactPwrL to VArR / VArL 27 Sep 12 Discussion (red)
So far, active power was W, not Pwr; so the name for rated active power in ZGEN should be ZGEN.WRtg. The same for ZSCM.WRtg. 24 Aug 12 Discussion (red)
According to the decision of the UML TF - accepted. Will be considered in the next version of 7-4. 24 Aug 12 Discussion (red)


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