841   missing logiocal node in protection Gruop

Created: 13 Apr 2012

Status: Future Improvement

Part: Part 7-4 (2010; Edition 2)





Category: Issue for edition 3 of this part


Dear Colleague,

Switch on to fault (SOTF) function conventionally has been part of the Distance protection scheme, with penetration of micro process based IEDs the concept of the "SOFT" as independent function evolved. Now a day this function could co-exist not only with distance but also with any type of current based protection scheme. Therefore the model the protection scheme, correctly this logical node should be created.

I should also high light that "Inadvertent energizing protection" scheme utlized in the power plant is another missing logical node in the "P" group which could be modeled with the same "PSOf" or "PSOTF".



Create Logical node of the "Switch on to fault with name of " "PSOTF" or "PSOF".This node could be utilized for inadvertent scheme, to model the generator protection as well.
I will submit the Structure of LN upon approval of the Tissue.


Discussion Created Status
20 Jul 12 Future Improvement
In principle I support the idea to model a protection related function Switch-on-to-fault (RSOF). It is right, that nowadays not only distance protection and the supervision of manual switch-on generates a fast trip acc. RSOF. But this function is seperate to "inadvertent energizing protection". The future structure has to be discussed. 20 Apr 12 Discussion (red)


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